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What is the Preview Environment?

The Betterworks Preview Environment is available for all users. All our new features will be warming up in the Preview Environment for 2 weeks before they join everyone else on the main stage. If you’re responsible for training users on new features, or if you want to tinker around with something new a little ahead of everyone else, the Preview Environment is for you!

If I enable a feature inside of the Preview Environment, will it be enabled inside my production environment?

Enabling a feature inside of the preview environment will not enable it for your production environment. For example, if you activate the Betterworks Home page inside of preview, it will not activate the Home page inside of production. You will need to explicitly enable the feature by navigating to Please contact your Customer Success Manager if you need further assistance on adding features in your production environment.

Are there any features that aren't active in the preview environment?

Some features and functions are disabled in the preview environment. Betterworks integrations, such as Salesforce and JIRA, are disabled in the preview environment. Notifications for checking in, cheering, and @mentioning are also turned off.

How do I access the Preview Environment?

You can access the preview environment by visiting the My Settings page underneath your profile picture.



Within My Settings, access the Preview Environment tab and then launch the preview environment.

How do I enable the Preview Environment?

The preview environment is automatically enabled for all users.

How do I know if I'm in the Preview Environment?

If you are inside the preview environment, your URL will begin with If you are inside the normal production environment, your URL will begin with 

Additionally, inside the Betterworks preview environment, there is a narrow, orange border at the bottom of the main navigation bar. Hovering over this border reveals the words, “Hi there! You’re currently using the preview environment.”

Who has access to the Preview Environment?

All users have access to the the same preview environment. 

Will users receive email notifications from comments or check-ins when I make changes?

Any actions you take, or data you create, in the preview environment will never affect your production environment. Activated users in your production environment will not receive email notifications from the preview environment. Additionally, checking in, cheering, or @mentioning colleagues in preview will not trigger notifications.

How often is data refreshed in the Preview Environment?

User status (e.g. active/deactivated) and admin permissions will be synced in near real-time. No other data is synced between the two environments.

This environment is designed for you to test and learn. Any data you create, or any actions you take, in the preview environment will never affect your production environment.

Are profile pictures available in the Preview Environment?

At this time, we do not support profile pictures in the preview environment. This should not impact the overall functionality of Preview for testing purposes.