Slack Integration

by Fred Pukay

What is the betterworks Slack integration? 

The betterworks Slack integration allows you to get notifications about activity in betterworks right in your Slack. Now you can see cheers, nudges, @mentions, and other activity in the same tool you use to communicate and get work done every day.

Setting up the Slack Integration

Enabling the Slack Integration as an End User



Setting Up the Slack Integration

Betterworks administrators can set up and configure the integration for their organization, and end users can choose to activate it on the Notifications page. The integration uses Slack’s bot feature to post notifications to users. The betterworks bot will send you a direct message when updates to your objectives or the objectives you follow occur in the platform.

Navigate to the betterworks Admin page > Select the Integrations option > Click the Set Up option next to the Slack integration:


Select the Add to Slack button:


Click the Authorize button and you're all set!



Enabling the Slack Integration as an End User

Once the Slack integration is enabled for your company, you can turn on the integration for yourself. You, and every individual at your company, will have to follow this workflow to receive notifications from betterworks in Slack.

To receive betterworks notifications in Slack, you must also have email notifications enabled. If your organization’s betterworks notifications are muted, you won’t receive notifications in Slack.

You can activate the Slack integration on the Notifications page. 

      1. Navigate to My Settings > Notifications.
      2. In the Slack section, click Activate.
      3. When prompted in the Slack redirect page, click Authorize.cancel_authorize.png
      4. You will receive a message that says you've successfully activated the slack integration and you can view the rest of that message in slack.



That’s it! You’ll now receive updates about your goal activity as direct messages in Slack.


What are the benefits of the Slack integration?

Real-time notifications are sent in the same tool you use to communicate and get work done in every day, so you can stay up-to-date with the goals that are most important to you and your organization.

My company has enabled the betterworks Slack integration, but I'm not getting any notifications?

Make sure you have email notifications enabled. Also, check with your betterworks administrator that your organization’s betterworks notifications are not muted.

Can I use the betterworks Slack integration for a select group of users?

No. Once the betterworks Slack integration is enabled, it’s enabled for your entire organization as long as your users have Slack accounts.

I just received a Slack notification that I was @ mentioned. Can I reply back in Slack?

No. The betterworks Slack Integration just gives notifications. Click on the goal name to go directly to the goal’s detail page in betterworks and respond to the comment there.

Does the betterworks Slack integration work with multiple teams?

No. The betterworks Slack integration only works with one Slack team per organization. If your organization uses multiple teams in Slack, consolidate into one team and start using channels to separate your conversations.

How easy is it to set up the Slack integration?

It’s pretty easy. You just need to be a betterworks Administrator to enable the integration.

How does the Slack integration work?

When you receive cheers, nudges, @mentions, and other activity, the betterworks Bot sends you a direct message.

What does the Slack integration do?

The betterworks Slack integration allows you to get notifications about activity in betterworks right in a private Slack channel.


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