Giving and Receiving Feedback

Why Feedback?

As an individual contributor or manager, it's easy to give, get, and request Feedback. Getting and giving lightweight quality Feedback is a crucial part of continuous performance management (CPM). Feedback can be given regardless of hierarchy or Org structure. Anyone can give Feedback to anyone.

Your administrator has the option to enable two different kinds of Feedback- Anytime and Scheduled. 

Note: When giving feedback, an email is sent the next day to the recipient and their manager.

Scheduled Feedback

When your Administrator has begun a Scheduled Feedback cycle, you will receive email notifications informing you that you are about to begin. There are two sections to a Scheduled Feedback cycle, the nomination period and the response period. To begin selecting the team members you wish to receive Feedback from, go to Feedback > Request and open the template. 


Once opened, you will may some default providers. Those can be deleted and amended. Remember, you can select anyone to receive Feedback from, regardless of whether or not they are in your department or hierarchy. 


After you have nominated your providers and the nomination period has ended, those who have requested Feedback from you will be listed in Give > To Do. The level of visibility will be notated in the upper right hand corner of the request. 


After you have filled out the template to provide your Feedback, click "Send" to submit your responses to those mentioned in the upper right hand corner. In this case, both the requester and their manager will be able to see this Feedback. 


If you prefer not to respond to a Feedback request, you can decline. The other party will not be notified that you declined, but they will may notice the absence of your Feedback.

Anytime Feedback

You can request Feedback anytime by clicking "Request" and selecting your desired template and the team members you wish to get Feedback from. As a manager, you can request Anytime Manager Feedback on behalf of your team, with the use of a single template. 




An email notification is sent to the providers for anytime request feedback.

By navigating to “Give,” you can search for a team member to whom you wish to give Feedback to anytime. You can also view any Feedback that has been requested from you by other team members and view any completed Feedback you have given others.


To view Feedback that you have been given by others, navigate to “View.”


A manager can view Feedback given to their direct reports (if your Administrator has allowed for that level of visibility), by navigating to View and typing in the name or selecting the name of their direct. 



When requesting anytime feedback, can I select an entire department or team to provide feedback?

No, only individuals can be selected to give anytime feedback.

Can I re-open or request to edit my submitted Feedback?

No, once the Feedback cycle ends you cannot re-open or edit your responses. Make sure you're satisfied with your response before submitting. 

Can I save my progress? 

No, you will not be able to save your progress. Remember, Feedback is meant to be short and tactical. 

Why do I see a lock icon? 

You'll see a lock icon if your manager has added a person to your Feedback list. 

Do they get notified if I reject?

If you decide to decline to give Feedback, people will not be notified. They will see you in their pending list, but not receive Feedback from you. 

Is there a max text for responses?

No, there is no maximum.