Configuring Feedback

Why Feedback?

Feedback cycles can be configured for a variety of use cases. A few examples include:

  • 360 feedback for a year-end review to receive input from peers and others (no self-reflection)
  • Upward feedback for evaluating managers
  • Employee feedback that can be requested at anytime

There are three variations of prompting feedback:

  • Request Anytime (requested by the employee or the employee's manager at any time)
  • Give Anytime (unprompted feedback given to an employee at any time)
  • Scheduled (specified timeframe for a population to provide feedback, typically used for a review process)

Configuring an Anytime Feedback Cycle

1. Create questions


*Note that the employee and employee's manager requested feedback is allowed 1 free response question, but allows individuals to customize the question accordingly


2. Set permissions


3. Activate template


Below are the different types of Anytime feedback templates that can be enabled:


Please note, when a user requests feedback anytime, that request will remain pending for response for up to 4 weeks from the date of the request. If the requested feedback is not responded to during that period, the request will automatically be removed in the system. 

Configuring a Scheduled Feedback Cycle

1. Name Your Template


2. Choose Participants and Delivery Mode

For feedback receivers and providers:

  • If you would like everyone to participate, choose the first option
  • If you would like a select group to participate, select the second one
  • Note: These selections do not have to be the same for both feedback receivers and providers

For default providers:

  • These configurations will help recommend feedback providers for the feedback receiver
  • If you select Classic 360 or Shared goals, all of those feedback providers that remain on the list by the end of the selection period will be prompted to provide feedback
  • Note: Default providers are suggestions to help the user choose their provider, not a required selection

For delivery mode:

  • If you'd like feedback to be delivered to receivers as soon as it is submitted, select "Immediately".
  • If you'd prefer that feedback be held until the end of the cycle and then shared with receivers, select "After cycle ends". You may find this option to be useful if you'd like to ensure that nobody has a chance to see feedback provided to them prior to providing it to one of their peers, managers, or directs.
    • Note: Managers will still see feedback when it is submitted.


3. Determine visibility of the Feedback provided

This will determine who can see the feedback provided in both the Feedback module as well as the side bar in the Conversation module.


Note: Super Admin and HR Admins will always be able to see feedback provider names in the reports.

4. Write questions for employees to answer


5. Select desired notifications


6. Set the start and end dates

When the end dates below pass for both the Select and Give periods, you will not be able to continue to Select and Give respectively. You can also include a Grace Period for the give period to allow individuals who may miss the communicated date a few more days to to respond to requests before the requests are automatically declined.

If you would like to add additional flexibility to your feedback cycle and allow users to nominate givers at any point during the cycle (excluding grace period), you may do so by checking the box to "Allow employees to nominate feedback providers any time during the cycle." If you don't select this option, nomination will only be allowed during the select period.

Note: The grace period is calculated with consecutive days, not business days. All dates can be pushed to future dates as long as they have not yet passed.


7. Deploy the feedback cycle

If the feedback cycle is not deployed, then it will not launch to the desired employees, even if there are dates included in Step 6.


NOTE: Un-deploying an active cycle will delete and remove all responses. This action cannot be undone, and will result in a loss of data. 



Can multiple feedback cycles run at once?

Yes, you do have the ability to run cycles of different templates at one time. You cannot, however, run two overlapping cycles of one template. Also, it is best practice to minimize the number of Feedback templates you are using at one time to minimize any administrative work. If you have questions about how to best set up your Feedback templates to support your process, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager to discuss.

Can I clone?

You can clone questions within the same template. You can also clone templates if you wish.

If we have all notifications turned off, will we still get emails?

Feedback emails set up in the Feedback template still go out to participants, even when System Notifications have been turned off.

Is this in usage dashboard?

Feedback reporting is not available in the Usage Dashboard, but it is available in Program Insights as well as the exportable admin Reports.

Are there character limits for questions and answers?

Feedback questions (including admin-written or anytime request-written): 1,000 characters
Feedback answers: no limit

Can I add/remove users after I launch the cycle?

Upload a new CSV with old participants plus the new participants or without the users you wish to exclude. This will only work if the cycle is still in the nomination phase.