Configuring Feedback


Why Feedback?

Feedback cycles can be configured for a variety of use cases:

  • 360 feedback for a year-end review to receive input from peers and others (no self-reflection)

  • Upward feedback for evaluating managers

  • General feedback that can be requested at anytime

There are (2) main types of feedback:

  • Anytime Feedback
  • Scheduled Feedback 

Within Anytime Feedback, there are (3) sub-types:

  • Requested by user
  • Requested by user's manager
  • Given by user

Anytime Feedback: Requested by user


Anytime Feedback: Requested by user's manager



  • Due to the inherent access of administrators with Super Admin permissions, they can see feedback submitted for them even if the template is set up so that only managers can view it.
  • If "Prevent managers from asking their own question" is unchecked, managers can remove the default question and ask their own.
  • If Manager A requests feedback on behalf of Direct Report A, then Direct Report A is assigned to Manager B before the feedback is submitted, Manager B will not be able to see that a feedback request is pending. However, once the feedback has been submitted, Manager B will be able to view the feedback for Direct Report A.

Anytime Feedback: Given by user



Note: Due to the inherent access of administrators with Super Admin permissions, they can see feedback submitted for them even if the template is set up so that only managers can view it.


You can select other question types (aside from Paragraph):

  • Scale (1-7)
  • Start rating (1-4)
  • Multiselect (up to 15 options)


Note: When a user requests Anytime Feedback, that request will remain pending for 28 days. If feedback is not provided during that period, the request will automatically be removed from the platform. 

Scheduled Feedback




  • Your selections for feedback recipients and providers do not have to be the same (i.e. you can select "Include all employees" to receive feedback, but "Custom participant list via CSV upload" for feedback providers).
  • Default providers are suggestions to help the user choose their provider, but they are a not required selections.


  • If you'd like feedback to be delivered to recipients as soon as it submitted, select "Immediately".
  • If you'd prefer that feedback be held back until after the cycle ends, select "After cycle ends".

Note: Managers will always see feedback when it is submitted.



For additional customization surrounding skip level visibility, see this article.


  • Due to the inherent access of administrators with Super Admin permissions, they can see feedback submitted for them even if the template is set up so that only managers and/or skip level managers can view it.
  • Administrators with Super Admin and HR Admin permissions can see feedback provider names in reports.




When the end date for the select period has passed, participants will not be able to nominate others as feedback providers unless the "Allow employees to nominate feedback providers any time during the cycle" option is checked.

When the end date for the give period has passed, participants who have been nominated as feedback providers will not be able to provide feedback unless the "Add a grace period for your employees to provide feedback" option is checked.

These options can actually be checked while a feedback cycle is in progress (if you didn't check them initially). This will impact participants immediately (i.e. participants who were not able to nominate providers after the original select period will be able to again).


  • Feedback notifications are sent out at around 8am of the timezone that has been set in the organization's Admin module.
  • The grace period is calculated with consecutive days, not business days. 
  • All dates can be pushed to future dates as long as they have not yet passed.



  • If a feedback cycle has not been deployed, it will not launch to the desired participants (even if/when the start date arrives)
  • Un-deploying an active feedback cycle will delete all data associated with the cycle and cannot be undone.


Can multiple feedback cycles run at once? 

Yes. You can run cycles of different template types at the same time. 

Can I clone questions and/or templates? 

Yes. You can clone questions within the same template and can clone a template itself.

If we have System Notifications turned off, will we still receive feedback notifications?

No. Feedback notifications set up in the template will not go out to participants if System Notifications are disabled.

Is feedback data reflected in the Usage Dashboard?

Feedback data is not available in the Usage Dashboard. However, it is available in Program Insights. Feedback data can also be exported as a report. 

Is there a character limit for questions and/or answers?

  • Questions: Yes. The limit is 1,000 characters.
  • Answers: No. There is no limit.

Can I add/remove participants after I deploy a scheduled feedback cycle? 

Yes, but only in the nomination phase (the part of the cycle where participants are still able to select feedback providers). To add participants, you'll need to upload a new CSV file that includes the original participants as well as the new participants. To remove participants, you'll need to upload a new CSV file with only the participants that you'd like to remain in the cycle.