GitHub Integration

by Jason Milliken

What does it do?

The GitHub integration allows users who use GitHub for tracking development work to use their activity to automatically drive progress on their goals in betterworks.

How does it work?

Using authentication to a user's individual GitHub account, a betterworks user has access to any of their GitHub organizations or repositories and can use filters to locate specific pull requests or issues to integrate and track progress on in betterworks. 

How is it set up?

As long as an Admin has enabled the GitHub integration from the Third-Party Integrations control panel in the Platform Configuration section of the Admin Panel, this integration will be available to all users in the Create/Edit Milestone panel:

Selecting the GitHub Octocat icon opens a window in which a user can customize their integration. The first filter must be used to select either an Organization or a Repository to which the account has access in order to see either Pull Requests or Issues in the results field - a single milestone cannot be integrated with items across different Organizations or Repositories. 

Once the first filter has been defined, users are able to set a list of custom filters from which they can manually select issues/requests or enable the "Sync all issues" toggle so that the filters chosen define a dynamic list of requests or issues to track in betterworks.

As issues are closed and pull requests are either merged or closed, progress will be reflected in betterworks!

What else?

The GitHub integration is built to work with the web version ( only and users will not be able to connect to an Enterprise edition of GitHub.

Please feel free to contact with any other questions!


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