betterworks University - Getting Started

by Jason Milliken

What does it do?

betterworks University is your center for all things learning with betterworks. Inside you'll find custom learning paths for:

  • Individual Contributors
  • Managers
  • Goal Masters
  • Program Leads
  • And, Executives

How can an Administrator (Admin) enable the integration?

Administrators are users with additional rights and permissions that affect your organization’s betterworks instance. They can do things that regular users cannot.

To enable the integration, an admin at your company can go to Admin > Platform configuration > Third-party-integrations > betterworks University and enable it there.

Using betterworks University

1) To get started, hover over your name and select Get Training:


2) Choose a password and that's it! Now you can browse the catalog for the course that fits your need best:



Anytime you click Get Training in the future, you will automatically be logged in to continue your learning. 


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