Designing Your Feedback Program

Designing your Feedback Program

The Feedback Module provides the opportunity to give feedback and/or receive feedback from anyone within the organization. As the betterworks Administrator, you have the ability to set some controls over timing and visibility among the participants. We recommend asking a couple of key questions to answer when you begin to form your feedback program within your organization. 

What would you like your users to gain from receiving feedback within the Peer Feedback Module in betterworks? 

Your answer will help guide the overall messaging of how your employees should be utilizing betterworks to provide and solicit feedback. We recommend to keep this value statement simple and focused. Note the following:

1) Feedback provided in this module will be surfaced in Conversations where it can be referenced for future self-reflection, performance evaluation, and any other applications of the Conversations module.

2) Feedback provided in this module is limited in viewership to within the participants listed above (whereas information in the Recognition module is public).

Following your answer above, what type of feedback will you encourage your employees to provide to each other within the Peer feedback module? Constructive, positive, both?

Your answer will affect the type of questions you ask, as well as the visibility of the feedback employees are asked to provide. Note that you can support different focuses throughout the year by creating multiple templates within the Peer feedback module. 

Will this feedback be used in other Performance Management processes?

Your answer will help provide context around the expected activities in this module, influencing your communications strategy as well as the questions you ask and the visibility you configure in the templates. Note that feedback will show in the Conversations page depending on the visibility you set for the template.

For your business, how often would you like your employees to provide each other feedback (annually, semi-annually, quarterly, at anytime)?

It's important that your employees get used to the cadence and see the feedback cycles as a normal activity throughout the year. We would recommend sticking to a consistent schedule throughout the year. Many organizations tend to do a mix between anytime feedback and scheduled cycles throughout the year.