Asana Integration



The Betterworks integration with Asana can be used to automatically track progress on completed tasks in Asana. Using individual Asana authentication, a user has access to any of their Asana workspaces, projects and tasks and can use filters to locate specific tasks to integrate. They can also define a dynamic list of tasks to track progress on in Betterworks. 

Setting Up the Integration

Note: The integration is only available in production environments, not preview environments.

1. As an administrator with Super Admin permissions, you can enable the integration by going to: 

Admin → Platform Configuration → Integrations → Third-party integrations → Asana


2. Click "Enable"

3. Toggle the integration on

Using the Integration

Once an administrator has enabled the Asana integration, as a user, you can select the integration while creating a new key result:


Alternatively, you can add Asana to an existing key result by using the "Quick Edit" option:

"..." (Additional Actions) → Quick Edit 


Both of these options will open the integration interface. If it's your first time using the integration, you'll be prompted to log into your Asana account:



This determines the workspaces and tasks that you have access to. As such, if you can't find a task, make sure you have permission to access it in Asana. 

Selecting Tasks to Integrate

The Asana integration interface allows you to search for and select a workspace and then set filters based on project, assignee, tags and date. You can either manually select tasks to track or use the "Sync all tasks" option to create a dynamic integration that will update the target metric as issues that fit the criteria are added or removed:


Once the integration has been successfully configured, an Asana icon will appear on the key result.

Note: Use the "Continue syncing the progress after the due date" if you'd like progress to update even after the due date has passed.

Updating An Integrated Key Result

The Asana integration will update progress automatically every hour, but if you've made an update to the status of your Asana task that you need to see reflected in Betterworks immediately, you can use the "Sync" feature:


Note: You may need to refresh your internet browser as well to see the changes reflected. 

Issues with the Integration

If there is an error with the integration between Betterworks and Asana, it will show next to the metric data on the key result:


This means that either:

  • There is an issue with the account credentials used to access the task status in Asana, or...
  • A manually selected task has been deleted from your Asana workspace and Betterworks can no longer query that status of that task

To resolve, either:

  • Remove the integration from the key result and set up a new one (this should trigger a prompt to re-enter your Asana credentials), or...
  • Confirm that the task still exists in your Asana account and re-select as needed