Using the Conversations Module

by Fred Pukay

What does it do?

To get started, click the "Conversations" tab. If you don't see this, reach out to your program lead. You'll see current Conversations as well as any past Conversations. Click any Conversation to get started.  You will see all the questions for you to answer as well as questions for you manager or direct report. You will also see your Objectives and your manager or direct reports Objectives on the right that you can use as you complete your responses.




 If you need to look at Past Objectives, you can click the arrow next to "Current" on the top right.



Here is a video that also details how to find Past Objectives: 

When you are done, click share to allow your manager or direct report see your replies.  You can also save your progress if you would like to return at a later date.

Your manager or direct report will also complete their half of the Conversation.  Then when you meet, both of you can use the notes panel to capture any important information from the Conversation.


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