Using the Conversations Module


What are Conversations?

Conversations are great for doing check-ins with your manager or direct report. There are two types of Conversations- Anytime and Scheduled. If your Organization has Anytime Conversations enabled, you will be able to start a Conversation at any time using a pre-designed template. Scheduled Conversations are launched by your HR Team, at their pre-determined cadence.

Here is is how you can begin an Anytime Conversation, if that is enabled:



Anytime Conversations have a standard timeframe of 3 days. 

Scheduled Conversations

To get started with a Scheduled Conversation, click the "Conversations" tab. If you are part of an active Conversation Cycle, you will see a list of one or more Conversations here.   


You will see all the questions for you to answer, as well as questions for your manager or direct report. On the right, you can view your Objectives and your manager or direct report's Objectives. You can use these as context for your Conversation responses.  


 If you need to look at Past Objectives, you can click the arrow next to "Current" on the top right.


When you are done, click share to allow your manager or direct report see your replies.  You can also save your progress if you would like to return at a later date. For more information about Conversations, feel free to peruse our Conversation Statuses article. 

If you'd like to save or print a copy of the Conversation, you can!