Using the Mobile App

by Fred Pukay




Peer Feedback



The mobile app has three parts: Goals, Conversations, and Peer Feedback. Tap the experience you want to begin:



You'll see all of your goals or objectives listed:


Tap any goal to see further details, and tap any milestone or key result to update it's progress:


Tap comments to add or view comments:


Tap History to see a summary of all progress made:



Swipe over the faces at the top of the screen to choose which conversations you want to view. Tap any conversation to begin:


Tap Your Qs to begin answering your questions:


The Info tab will show you any instructions set by your program team:


In the notes field, you can track any notes and takeaways from the face-to-face conversation:


You can see the other person's questions (or responses once they've shared them) by clicking Name's Qs:



Peer Feedback

Under Peer Feedback you can view your feedback Given:


Tap any feedback entry to view its details, and choose Give to send feedback via the app.


Tap Received to view the feedback others in your company have given you:


Tap any entry to view details:




Which systems are supported?

  • Android 4.1 (API 16) or above
  • iOS 8.0 or above

 How do I get the app?

  • The BetterWorks app can be downloaded normally from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store by searching “BetterWorks”
  • Note: for iOS users, there is also a legacy app called “BetterWorks – OKRs edition”. We recommend downloading the new BetterWorks app, as new functionality and improvements will be added here.

 What can I do with the BetterWorks app?

  • Conversations
    • View current and past conversations
    • Managers can view conversations with all their direct reports
    • Edit and share answers
    • Save notes
  • Goals
    • View and check in to your goals + milestones
    • Comment on your goals
    • View other comments
    • View goal history
    • Supports Goals Lite & Goals Pro users
    • View and check into your current goals
  • Peer feedback
    • View feedback from your peers
    • View feedback you’ve given to your peers

What kind of controls does the admin have on app usage?

  • Any user can download the app
  • Specific permissions (e.g. goal privacy) will be reflected as expected in the app

Will I receive push notifications?

There won’t be any push notifications in this first version of the app. Fortunately, BetterWorks has a robust set of emails and clicking those emails from a mobile device will automatically redirect you into the app as expected.

What is the BetterWorks - OKRs Edition of the app?

This is the previous version of the app. We recommend downloading the more current version for an improved experience. 

What's next on the mobile roadmap?

  • Ability to search for others, and see the goals they are actively working on
  • Giving anytime feedback to peers


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