Goal Locking



Goal locking allows administrators to prevent goals and milestones from being edited, created, or deleted after a certain date in the organization's business period. 


To enable goal locking, go to Admin → Program Management → Goals → Settings → Lock


Note: If you're a Super Admin who would like access to goal locking, please contact your Program Architect, Customer Success Manager, or the Support Team — support@betterworks.com.


Note: Super Admins and Admins are not impacted by goal locking, they retain all of their previous abilities. HR Admins do not.


As a user, you can do the following while the goal lock is on:

  • Rename your goal or milestone
  • Clone a goal (future business period only)
  • Follow another user's goal
  • Add, update, or delete your goal's categories
  • Edit your goal's scope
  • Edit your goal's type
  • Add, update, or delete your goal's participants 
  • Add, update, or delete your goal's followers
  • Comment on your goal or milestone
  • Comment on another user's goal or milestone
  • Cheer nudge another user's goal
  • Share any goal
  • Assess your goal or milestone
  • Score your goal or milestone
  • End your goal early

As a user, you cannot do the following while the goal lock is on:

  • Align your goal
  • Edit your goal or milestone's progress settings
  • Reassign your goal or milestone
  • Edit your goal or milestone's start/due dates
  • Add a milestone to your goal
  • Convert your milestone into a goal
  • Clone a goal (current business period)
  • Change your goal's weight (if your goal is weighted)
  • Move your milestone to another goal
  • Delete your goal or milestone

Program Emails

When goal locking is on, some program emails related to goals will not be sent if their configuration interferes with the goal locking period.