Managing your Organization's Account Overview

What can I do?

As a betterworks Admin or Super Admin you can support your goal setting program by doing things like:

A betterworks Admin or Super Admin has access to the Admin tab in the top navigation bar.

To learn more about the differences between Admins and Super Admins, please read the  article Understanding betterworks Admin abilities. If your Super Admin would like to add more Admins, HR Admins, or Super Admins, please read the article Manage Administrators.

Goal Administration

All Admins can edit public goals in the system. If there are outdated, obsolete, or otherwise unnecessary goals, an Admin can edit or remove them.

Additionally, Super Admins can view, edit, or delete private goals in the system.

Managing Users and Departments

Betterworks allows Super Admins to create, update, and deactivate users and departments, either manually or in bulk.

Each user can belong to a single department or group and that group can be used in filtering.

As a Super Admin, you can manually edit user attributes such as:

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Title
  • Manager
  • Department

Users can be deactivated. Deactivating users results in the their access being removed. Deactivated users can be reactivated. For more information, read What happens when an admin deactivates a user.

Super Admins can also manually manage their organization's groups. You can create new groups, or edit the groups:

  • Name
  • Parent group
  • Group type

Manage in Bulk with CSV

In order to bulk upload users or groups, you will need to load data into specific users.csv or department.csv files. The .csv template columns are name and case sensitive so we advise that you use the provided templates as guides.

Download the Users.csv and Departments.csv templates here.

The purpose of this template is to populate your betterworks account with your organization structure.

Best practices for adding users and departments

When you're uploading users and departments, keep these best practices in mind:

  • The CEO of a company cannot have a manager
  • When you upload users with departments, the departments you list must already be present in betterworks. Upload the departments CSV before you upload a users CSV.
  • If users have manager emails listed in their information, the manager must have an account in betterworks
  • Do not leave blank spaces or trailing punctuation (For example: ",,,,")

Configuring Goal Assessments

Goal assessment allows you to rate the performance of a goal iteratively, or when you complete that goal. You can configure goal scoring to use one of several rating approaches:

  • Number scale: Configurable numbers; default is zero to ten.
  • Smileys: Happy to sad
  • Colors: Green through red

Admins can decide if they want to make goal scoring mandatory, optional, or disabled completely - this is completed within the Admin tab inside of betterworks.

Generating Reports

Admins can generate a number of reports to monitor system usage and adoption.

Admins can generate:

Generated reports will be automatically emailed to your login email address when complete.  


Enabling User-Generated Groups

Users can create their own teams to concentrate goals around a specific project or initiative. Groups can own goals, just like departments. Milestones are still owned by one user. Contact to enable user-generated groups.

Configuring Top Company Goals

Top Company Goals are goals that have been highlighted as the most important goals in your organization. They are called out on the landing page and in Charts, and are visible to all your betterworks users. When defined, they provide focus for the organization, and the ability for users to see how their goals contribute upward to what’s most important. Admins can select Top Company Goals in the Admin panel within betterworks.

Admins have the ability to define which goals should be highlighted as Top Company Goals by the search bar. You can also update Top Company Goals at your organization's quarter or year end. 

Configuring Notifications

Betterworks leverages email to communicate important goal-related events. During system configuration, you may elect to disable all notifications. After you're ready to launch betterworks, you can enable notifications and define a preset configuration of enabled communications. Within the Notifications panel inside the Admin section of betterworks, you can disable, enable, and customize frequency settings for touch points with your employees.

By default, all notifications are on, and unlocked. If you choose to turn off a notification, it will turn off that notification for all users, but still allow them to change it to their preference. You will notice that the "Custom" toggle remains highlighted in any case where the settings are not locked. This means that although a default is set for all users, they have the ability to change the notification status at any time.

The "On" and "Off" toggles will only remain highlighted if you have locked the settings, meaning no users can change it.