Deactivating a User

Betterworks Super Admins have the ability to permanently deactivate users who have left your organization, and will, thus, no longer be using Betterworks. When an Admin deactivates a user the following happens:

  • The user can no longer log into Betterworks
  • The user is not counted towards seat licenses
  • The user's goals remain part of the alignment structure and are searchable. The user's manager or Betterworks admin can edit these goals.
  • The user is removed from view in the platform and all reports but the Admin report, except when looking at their aligned goals or milestones.
  • The user's manager is sent an email notification, allowing them to delete the goal or reassign it. 
  • The goal owner of a goal the deactivated user was working on is notified via email and can reassign the deactivated user's milestone.

Note: For check-ins, the user's check-in template will still exist and will not be removed from the manager's list. However, the user's name will be greyed out to show that they've been deactivated. Managers will still have the option to complete the check-in.

To deactivate a single user, a Super Admin can go to Admin > User Management > Users > Deactivate. 


Bulk deactivations can be done using either the Advanced or Basic CSV templates and putting ANY value in the deactivation_date column.