Be a better manager with BetterWorks

by Support Agent

Managers can help their teams be more successful by ensuring they are focused on the right things.

  • Align your team around important company goals
  • Ensure your team is making progress
  • Support and coach your team to continually improve
  • Capture your team’s progress and contribution

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Align your team around important company goals

At the beginning of your goal setting period, educate your team about your company’s top goals and help them align their goals appropriately.

To view Top Company Goals:

  1. Navigate to Charts > Goal Chart.
  2. Click Top Company Goals.

Ensure your team is making progress

Managers acknowledge and showcase progress to reinforce the right behaviors. You can monitor and support your team's progress by using dashboards, goal views, charts, and weekly digests. Recognizing recent progress by team members is a great way to start a team meeting.

You can also leverage the cheer, nudge, and comment features to acknowledge and inspire progress. Cheers, nudges, and comments are added to the goal timeline and emailed to goal owners and followers.

You can also use the weekly digest email to stay informed of your team's progress. The weekly digest summarizes progress your team made during the previous week. It is recommended you cheer and nudge goals via the email. You can also forward the email to your team so they can see how you are tracking and supporting their progress.

To view team progress:

  1. Navigate to Goals > Team Goals.
  2. Click Progress in the table header to sort by progress.

To receive the weekly digest:

  1. Mouse over your profile picture and click Settings.
  2. Click Notifications.
  3. In Digests, ensure “Receive Weekly Planning Digest” is checked.

Support and coach your team to continually improve

A good manager is as much of a coach as they are a supervisor. In general, knowledge workers value feedback and support that helps them grow. You can provide feedback and help your team be successful by providing comments on goals. 

One of the best ways to support a team member is by acknowledging the things they are doing well that will ensure they achieve their goals. For example, if a team member is proactively communicating goal status, you can acknowledge this by commenting on their goal.

To provide feedback or coaching on a goal:

  1. Navigate to the goal detail page.
  2. In the timeline, enter a comment or feedback.
  3. Click Comment.

If the goal owner has notifications configured to support email, then the goal owner will receive your comment via email.

Capture your team’s progress and contribution

Completed goals will be a source of pride for an individual long after the goal has been achieved. A manager should encourage individuals to summarize the importance of the goal when they complete and score the goal.


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