Related Goals

by Fred Pukay

What are related Goals?

Connectedness is the first Goal Science Thinking pillar. Goals can be connected in multiple ways:

  • Cascading connection is when information travels from one management level to another
  • Horizontal connection is when two goals on similar levels, or that require similar amounts of effort, impact each other

Horizontal is a commonly neglected connection type; it’s very difficult to define, and many traditional management structures do not acknowledge its value.

Showcasing horizontal connections is critical to keeping the team running smoothly. Poor cross-functional communication is a huge contributor to organizational ineffectiveness and waste. 

Betterworks is making horizontal connections as simple to view and understand as the more common top-down and bottom-up types. Linking related goals highlights horizontal connections, giving clarity and increasing transparency between teams.

Related goals provide users with a means of:

  • Seeing other teams’ and groups’ goals that are related to the user’s goals
  • Calling out dependencies between teams that implicitly affect overall progress

Adding Related Goals

  1. From the goal list, click on the Quick Edit link under the "..." actions button.
  2. Scroll to the Related Goals option in the pop-out window and edit related goals.
  3. Search for related goals by owner name, goal name, or by entering keywords related to the initial goal. Using the keyword method may help identify related goals the user did not know existed before.
  4. Related goals won't show up in the alignment chart but you'll be able to understand goals that are loosely similar.

  5. To add, edit, or remove related goals, follow the step 1 and 2, then change accordingly.


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