Getting Started as a Program Lead

If you’re reading this article, congratulations! You should already be provisioned as an Administrator and have access to your betterworks instance. If not, please contact us at with your email address and company name.

If you would like a guided walkthrough, register for the Self-Paced Program Lead Learning Path here.

Follow the steps below to launch your betterworks instance.

    1. Log in to betterworks
    2. Enable single sign-on (if applicable)
    3. Configure betterworks
    4. Create Top Company Goals
    5. Initiate JIRA/SFDC Integrations (if applicable)
    6. Activate additional modules (if applicable)
    7. Launch betterworks to your employees
    8. Review available resources

1. Log in to betterworks

Click here to log in to betterworks.

  1. On the login screen, enter your company email address and click Next.
  2. Click "I forgot my password" and an email will be sent to you so you can create and set your own password.

2. Enable single sign-on

We can enable single sign-on if you are using Google apps. Email to request SSO enablement and provide the domain address of your company (e.g., our domain is

3. Configure betterworks

Complete the following items to configure your betterworks instance:

  1. Grant Support Access to betterworks. Go into your Admin panel in betterworks > Grant Support Access. We recommend giving betterworks access to your instance during Onboarding, so we can help troubleshoot any issues you may have. Afterwards, you may close access as you see fit.
  2. Add Users and Departments. Go to Admin > Manage Groups and People. You can upload departments and users in bulk through .csv templates. 
  3. Configure other features (as applicable): For more information on system configuration, adding users, and managing your goal setting program, read Managing your organization's betterworks account.

    Key steps include:
    1. Configuring notifications
    2. Configuring assessments
    3. Setting Top Company Goals
    4. Identifying additional Admins
    5. Setting up integrations

4. Create Top Company Goals

Before launching at your organization, we strongly recommend that you create your Top Company Goals.  

5. Set up JIRA/SFDC integrations (if applicable)

If you have purchased JIRA or Salesforce Integrations, please read the following documents.  Then, supply the required information to

JIRA integration is self-service if you do not use a VPN to access JIRA.  Here is information on the integration:

SFDC integration is easy and takes about 24 hours turnaround time from our end. Below is documentation for you to follow:

6. Activate additional modules (as applicable)

If your organization has purchased Plans or Conversations, please activate these modules in Admin. If you have not purchased or unsure, you can still activate either module through your Admin panel, or try Conversations in the Preview Environment. For pricing information, please contact your Account Executive. For more guidance getting started with Plans or Conversations, please contact your Customer Success Manager or betterworks Support ( 

7. Launch betterworks to your employees

Send an email to your employees letting them know about betterworks. Prior to your SSO being enabled (if desired, users can login by following these steps:

1) Go to

2) Enter your email

3) Click "Forgot Password" and follow the instructions

It may also be helpful to point people to betterworks University for their role-based learning path.

8. Review available resources

We have a large and ever-expanding library of resources for you, our Program Lead.

Betterworks Program Leads learning path

This learning path dedicated to Program Leads provides a high-level introduction of BetterWorks, as well as a review of the resources made available for Program Leads. We strongly recommend that all Program Leads complete this learning path. 

BetterWorks Learning Paths for ICs, Managers, Executives and more

BetterWorks University

Check out BetterWorks University and enroll  your employees in the learning paths best suited for them. Take the burden of training off your plate and let BetterWorks take care of it!

Program Lead Community resources

We have a Program Lead Community that provides a great library of resources including communication templates, training materials, and more.