Onboarding Week 1: Create a rollout plan and goal-setting program

by Fred Pukay

Your focus this week will be twofold: Determining what your Rollout Plan will be and defining your goal-setting program.   

  • Some questions you need to answer include:
    • When do we want to launch? e.g., 6 weeks from now, 2 months from now, next quarter
    • How do we want to launch? e.g., Executive team first, then managers, or with an initial small pilot group before rolling out to the whole company
    • How and when will we communicate with users about the changes?
    • How and when will users be trained? (Make it easy on yourself! Send your employees to BetterWorks University)
    • What policies will be in place around goals? E.g., will goals be tied to compensation? how often will users be expected to update their goals?

For information on how to launch BetterWorks, review the Getting Started doc for step-by-step instructions.

We also have a Program Lead Community that provides a great library of resources including communication templates, training materials, and more, which you can access here.

For support or questions, email support@betterworks.com or consult the Help Center.

Happy goal creating!

The BetterWorks Customer Success Team



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