Onboarding Week 6: Reporting & Success Metrics

by Morty Frey

Congratulations! This is your last week of the 6 Weeks to a Successful BetterWorks Launch series. There are 2 things to focus on today:

  • Reporting: Any BetterWorks user can pull reports through the “Export” function in the Goals tab. However, you have the capability to pull more sophisticated reports as an Admin. There are several report options but one of the most useful is the All Goals report which allows you to manipulate all goal data in Excel. Additionally, the Usage Dashboard located in the Admin portal makes it extremely easy to analyze your program’s usage and take targeted action where it’s needed.
  • BetterInsights: Now that you have launched BetterWorks, it’s time to start receiving monthly analytics emails from us. Email customersuccess@betterworks.com and let us know:1) When you launched; 2) Who you launched to: company-wide, leadership team only, etc.; and 3) What you thought of this email series.  Once you do that, we’ll make sure to send you your company-specific data called “BetterInsights” on a monthly basis. This information is more in-depth than the reports you can pull and provides “Best in Class” benchmark stats for comparison.

Additional Resources:

As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our BetterWorks Customer Success team and email support@betterworks.com with any questions. You can also review FAQs and more in our Help Center.


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