Creating and Managing Goal Categories

Why use Categories?

Categories are a quick, simple way to get extra specificity when you’re sorting Goals. Administrators can set categories that apply to every Goal in their organization, and even require users to apply them on their Goals.

Use categories to separate personal career Goals from professional Goals, group Goals by company values, or highlight Goal themes.

Enabling and Disabling Goal Categories

Administrators can enable and disable Goal categories from the Goal Categories section of the Admin dashboard.

  1. Log into betterworks as an administrator.
  2. Navigate to the Admin dashboard and click Program Management > Goals > Settings
  3. By default, Goal categories are disabled. Click the checkbox marked “Enable goal categories” to turn them on.

    When you enable goal categories, the “Require goal categories” option will also be enabled. Uncheck this checkbox to make goal categories optional. 

    Click the "X" to delete a Category, and click "Save" to update your betterworks instance. Uncheck the "Enable Goal Categories" box to disable categories. 

Not an Admin? Read our article on how to use Goal Categories.