OKR Categories


Why use categories?

Categories are a quick, simple way to get extra specificity when you’re sorting objectives or key results. Administrators can set categories that apply to every objective or key result in their organization and even require users to apply them.

Use categories to separate personal career OKRs from professional OKRs, group OKRs by company values or highlight OKR themes.

Enable/Disable OKR Categories

Administrators can enable and disable objective or key result categories from the Categories section of the Admin module:

Admin → Program Management → Objectives→ Settings → Categories


By default, OKR categories are disabled. As such, you'll want to tick the box marked "Enable Objective categories" and/or "Enable Key Result categories" to turn them on.

Once OKR categories have been enabled, the "Require Objective categories" and/or "Require Key Result categories" options will also be available. You can leave this box blank if you'd prefer that categories remain optional.

Add/Delete Categories

To add a category, simply:

  1. Enter the category name
  2. Click "Add"
  3. Scroll down and click "Save"

Note: Categories will display in alphabetical order. However, if you'd like to override this, you add a number to the beginning of each category name (i.e. "1. Professional Development"). The categories will then display in number order.

To delete a category, simply:

  1. Click the "X" next to the category name
  2. Scroll down and click "Save"

Assign/Remove Category Assignments from OKRs

To assign a category to a new OKR, you'll just need to select the category from the drop-down menu on the OKR creation page:

Objectives → Create an Objective



To delete a category assignment from an existing OKR, simply:

  1. Click "..." (Additional Actions)
  2. Quick Edit
  3. Click the "X" next to the category name
  4. Click "Save"