Using Filters To Create A Custom View

What are filters and how do they function?

When you apply a set of filters to an objective list, you’re creating a view. You can save custom views for later use or update existing views and save the changes.

Create a Custom View

1. Click the "Objectives" module in the top toolbar.

2. Click "Show filters" to expose customization options. Doing so will change the display to "Hide filters".

3. If you are creating a view of objectives that you don't own, be sure remove the "Owner" filter.


4. Add additional filters to create the view and click "Save as New".


5. Enter a name for the filter and click "Save".


6. The filter will appear as a new tab to the right of the 4 main tabs. As you add additional filters, this tab will become a drop-down.



  • The "Categories" filter displays the most commonly used categories of all time.
  • The "Department" filter shows only the top largest departments in the list and users will need to search to locate other departments to filter by.
  • The "Owner" filter shows people from the signed-in user's department by default and users will need to search for other people.