Using Filters To Create A Custom View

by The Betterworks Team

What are filters and how do they function?

When you apply a set of filters to an objective/goal list, you’re creating a view. You can save custom views for later use, or update existing views and save the changes.

1. Click the Objectives/Goals tab in the top toolbar.

2. Click Show filters to expose customization options.


3. Click the symbol to add more filters or the x symbol next to an existing filter to remove it.


4. Choose a filter set from the menu to apply it to the objective/goal list.


The filter applied appears in the list of filters, and the objective/goal list updates to reflect the new view. If this is a frequently viewed list, save the filter and re-visit it at a later time from the objective/goal list menu. To reset your filters to their original state, click the My Objectives/My Goals tab on your dashboard. 


  • The Categories filter displays the most commonly used categories of all time.
  • The Department filter shows only the top largest departments in the list and users will need to search to locate other departments to filter by.
  • The Owner filter shows people from the signed-in user's department by default and users will need to search for other people.