Onboarding Week 4: Empowering Managers

by Morty Frey

This marks the beginning of your fourth week of BetterWorks on-boarding. You should now have a solid Rollout Plan in place, training completed or scheduled, and have goals in the system.  Now it’s time to talk about your managers.

Our research shows that managers are the key to greater success in goal achievement. Encouraging your managers is easy. Here’s one way you can do it:

Send a recurring, 15-minute calendar invite to all managers for Monday mornings.

This invite should be a reminder to check-in on their goals and comment, cheer and nudge their team members. You can leverage this calendar template.

Additional Resources:

There are many BetterWorks features tailored to empower your managers to coach their teams effectively. You can get started by having your managers enroll in the Manager Learning path at BetterWorks University!


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