Onboarding Week 5: Goal Masters Program

by Morty Frey

Welcome to the fifth week of BetterWorks on-boarding. You should now have a solid Project Plan in place, training completed or scheduled, have goals in the system, and empowered your managers.  

Now it’s time to talk about your Goal Masters. Having you or your program team do everything (be goal champions, educate and train your employees about goals, answer questions, and more) is a tall order. That’s why we created the Goal Masters program.

This week’s task is to identify your Goal Masters and get them trained up. Click here for more information on starting your own Goal Masters program.

In general, here are some key features about Goal Masters:

  • Goal Masters are your employees. They represent 5-10% of your organization, representing different teams or functions.
  • They are typically nominated by other employees.
  • Goal Masters are your organization’s goal SME (Subject Matter Expert). They’re trained on good goal-setting, hierarchy, and the pillars of Goal Science. They are your goal champions across the business.
  • The most successful programs partner a Goal Master with a business leader to help ensure goals are created on a quarterly basis and entered into BetterWorks.

Once you identify your Goal Masters, make sure they're trained by having them enroll in the Goal Master learning path in BetterWorks University.

It takes time and practice to build up your goal muscle, but the hard work will soon pay off!

Additional Resources:

No matter what week you’re in, it always pays to know more about goals, OKRs, and best practices. Read our OKR e-book and start flexing those goal muscles!


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