Exporting Objectives/Goals to Excel

What's going on?

Have you ever wanted to take the data Betterworks gives you about your objectives/goals even further? Now you can extract objective/goal data from Betterworks into an XLS format.

The XLS report contains two sheets:

Stats: This is a high-level overview of the report, including filters, overall progress, and information on objectives/goals and key results/milestones.

Goals: This is a breakdown of all goals in the report, with detailed information like start and end dates, owners, and more.

After you export objective/goal data, you can study it in Excel, import it to other platforms, or compare it to other objective/goal data exports. Now you have a flexible, portable source of truth for everything about your objectives/goals.

Exporting Objective/Goal Data

Exporting objective/goal data is simple. Create a list of objectives/goals you want to see in XLS, export it, and wait for the report to arrive in your email:

1. Navigate to the objective/goal list.

2. Optionally, filter the list by choosing options from the filter dropdown.

3. Click Export in the upper right corner. A confirmation message appears: 


4. A report in XLS format will be emailed to the email associated with your Betterworks account.

Note: If you don’t receive an email, be sure to check your spam folder. If necessary, adjust your email client settings to make sure Betterworks emails appear in your inbox.