Create Top Company Goals


A key step in creating and maintaining a strong Goal Setting program is to have impeccable maintenance on your Top Company Goals. The best mechanism is to schedule a workshop where your executives all come with ideas, and leave with a unified front on the Top Company Goals.

If you are a Super Admin, you can follow these steps below to make them Top Company Goals:

  1. Create Top Company Goals and assign them to members of your Leadership team.
  2. Assign them as Top Company Goals by going to Admin > Program Management >  Goals > Management and click on the goal that you would like to make a Top Company Goal and it will move to the right side under Top Company Goals (aim to have anywhere from 3 to 7 Top Company Goals). 
  3. Make sure you save it when complete.     
  4. Confirm your Top Company Goals have been set by going to Goals > Select the "Top        Company Goals" filter.