Onboarding Week 3: Create Top Company Goals

by Morty Frey

Congratulations on starting your third week of Betterworks on-boarding. Now that you have a Rollout Plan to execute on, and training scheduled or completed, it’s time to focus on entering good goals or OKRs into BetterWorks. Training should have provided you with the tools and knowledge on what makes good OKRs and how to enter them into the system, but how do you actually put this into practice?

1. Create your Top Company Goals.

See how BetterWorks creates Top Company Goals and then check out some goal examples based on different functions:

Once you have an idea of the right goals, follow these steps below to make them Top Company Goals:

  1. Create Top Company Goals and assign them to members of your Leadership team.
  2. Assign them as Top Company Goals by going to Admin > Program Management >  Goals > Management and click on the goal that you would like to make a Top Company Goal and it will move to the right side under Top Company Goals (aim to have anywhere from 3 to 7 Top Company Goals). 
  3. Make sure you save it when complete.     
  4. Confirm your Top Company Goals have been set by going to Goals > Select the "Top        Company Goals" filter.

2. Let your users know to start using BetterWorks.

Based on your Rollout plan, tell your employees to start using BetterWorks. When they login, they should already see their manager’s goals in there.  So we recommend rolling out to Executives first, middle-line managers next, and then individual contributors last.  Feel free to leverage these launch email templates to communicate to your users.

Best Practices:

The main thing is to keep trying. There’s no one right way to enter goals, just best practices.  Hopefully the examples above help you get started, but some guiding principles and best practices to keep in mind include:

  • Focus on the vital few. Keep top company objectives or goals around 3 to 7. Anything more will take focus away from projects that will make the biggest impact on the business.
  • 60% of all objectives or goals should be bottoms-up. Employees should be empowered to create their own goals and align them to their managers’ and top company objectives.
  • 50% of everyone’s goals should be aligned. Approximately half of everyone’s goals should be aligned to other goals in the business.

For more best practices, read our BetterWorks blog.

Happy goal creating!

The BetterWorks Customer Success Team



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