Create Top Company Goals

by Morty Frey


A key step in creating and maintaining a strong Goal Setting program is to have impeccable maintenance on your Top Company Goals. The best mechanism is to schedule a workshop where your executives all come with ideas, and leave with a unified front on the Top Company Goals.

Tip: This type of workshop is ideal for any level of the organization. The only difference is the detail and specificity of the goals and milestones. For some ideas, check out some goal examples based on different functions:

To document the goals defined, follow these steps below to make them Top Company Goals:

  1. Create Top Company Goals and assign them to members of your Leadership team.
  2. Assign them as Top Company Goals by going to Admin > Program Management >  Goals > Management and click on the goal that you would like to make a Top Company Goal and it will move to the right side under Top Company Goals (aim to have anywhere from 3 to 7 Top Company Goals). 
  3. Make sure you save it when complete.     
  4. Confirm your Top Company Goals have been set by going to Goals > Select the "Top        Company Goals" filter.

Keep in mind, TCGs cannot be made private.  


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