Adding & Updating Users: CSV Upload


Building out the user CSV file

We've provided templates below. The "Basic" version includes our recommended fields while the "Advanced" version includes additional predetermined fields as well as 5 custom fields. If you need more custom fields, see this article

1. Ensure that your file contains the required fields


2. Save

Uploading the user CSV file

1. Go to: Admin → User Management → Departments and users → Users → CSV upload


2. Upload CSV file

3. Check for (and correct) any errors

4. Save

Deactivating an existing user

To deactivate an existing user, simply enter a value in their "deactivation_date" column. If the deactivation date is in the past, the user will be deactivated immediately. If the date is in the future, our platform will deactivate the user on the date specified. The accepted date formats for this field are:


The format should match your organization's Betterworks instance as determined by the default language (i.e. "English" has a date format of MM/DD/YYYY while "English - UK" has a date format of DD/MM/YYYY). 

Additionally, when a user is deactivated:

  • They can no longer log into Betterworks.
  • They will no longer be counted towards licenses (aka "seats").
  • Their objectives and key results will remain active and searchable. However, their manager or an administrator can delete or re-assign the objectives and key results as they see fit.
  • The user themselves (i.e. their profile) will not be searchable.
  • They will no longer display in some administrator reports unless the report was generated with that option selected (i.e. feedback reports have the option to include deactivated users).
  • Their manager will be notified via email.
  • The owner of any objectives that the deactivated user is associated with (i.e. they owned a related key result or had an aligned objective) will be notified via email.

Building out the department CSV file

If you include new departments in your user CSV file, they will automatically be created in Betterworks. If your organization has a parent/child department structure (i.e. Accounts Payable rolls up to Finance), use the "Departments" template so that you can easily filter during reporting. 

1. Create a CSV file with 2 columns: "Name" and "Parent"

2. Ensure that any "Parent" entries align to departments in the "Name" column


3. Save

Uploading the department CSV file

1. Go to: Admin → User Management → Departments and users → Departments → CSV upload


2. Upload CSV file

3. Save

CSV templates


Can I update users individually?

Of course! For more information, see this article.

Can I update users through an HRIS integration?

Of course! For more information, see this article.

Why am I not seeing the new departments I uploaded in Betterworks?

When first uploading a CSV with new users and new departments, the data may take up to 2 hours to process.

What should happen when I upload a department CSV? 

  • If you upload a department CSV file and the department and parent department already exists it will not allow you to complete the upload.
  • If you upload a department CSV file and the department exists, but the parent department is different, the file will upload the change.
  • If you upload a file and the department is new, it will create the new department along with the parent relationship.

How do I remove departments?

Departments need to be manually deactivated by going to:

Admin module → Departments and users → Departments → Individual update