Blueprint for Success: How Product Managers Use the JIRA Integration

by Chuck Stimson


The BetterWorks JIRA integration captures data from JIRA and automatically updates your milestone's progress. This blueprint provides examples on  how to use the JIRA integration, as well as tips and tricks to get the most out of the integration.

Product Team Example:

Product Managers can use our JIRA integration to track new features by setting up JQL queries to capture epics.

In this example, Epic-6596 is for a new Preview Environment feature. Ryan will own all of the front end work and Justin will own all of the back end work. As the Product Manager, Chuck is responsible for making sure this feature is shipped. There may be other work that needs to be completed, but this example will serve as the JIRA related content.

With a JQL query, progress is tracked automatically in BetterWorks. If any new issues come up, this milestone is set to continuously populate with the query results, which will help determine if this new feature is in danger of being off track by late additions. 

Here is what Ryan's JQL query looks like:

And here is what Justin's JQL query looks like:

IIf you are a JQL expert, that is great! Feel free to search directly in BetterWorks like you would in JIRA using JQL. If you could use a bit more practice on JQL, no problem! Any basic search in JIRA can be converted to a JQL by clicking "Advanced" within JIRA. You can then copy this string and paste it into our search bar as a JQL query.

If you have any additional questions about this integration, please feel free to reach out to


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