Manage Administrators

Recommended Reader(s): Super Admins

How do I manage administrators?

Users with Super Admin privileges can view, add, update, and remove administrative privileges for existing Betterworks users. 

Note: Only Super Admins have this capability.  Please see our Understanding Admin Abilities article if you need to better understand the differences between Super Admins, Admins and HR Admins.

To view, add, update, remove administrative privileges, go to Admin > User management > Administrators.

You will see a list of current admins.  The roles that can be selected are Admin, HR Admin, and Super Admin.

From here you can easily:

  1. View administrators
  2. Add new administrators to the list. They need to be Betterworks users before you can assign Admin privileges.
  3. Update the privileges of existing administrators.
  4. Remove someone’s administrative privileges by clicking on the X to delete their Admin role.


An email notification is sent to the Admin letting them know they have been added or updated.