Conversations Notifications


When you enable Conversations in Betterworks, members of your company can receive notifications for the launch and after certain events. Program Notifications are different than System Notifications in the sense that Program Notifications are controlled per Conversation template. Users will not receive Conversation notifications if you've disabled notifications for a specific Conversation Cycle - if this is the case, please send out your own company notifications related to the Conversation Cycle. If you have disabled notifications across the platform, this can be overridden for a specific conversation cycle.

Here, are the notifications that can be configured within the Conversation template. 


Conversation Started

Conversation Mid-Cycle Reminder

Conversation Due

Conversation Overdue

Confidential Questions Available to Answer

Conversation Confidential Questions Due

Conversation Shared

When a Conversation cycle is wrapping up, a Super Admin or Admin can send reminder notifications, here:


Those look like this:


There are some Conversation related Program Notifications that only Admins will receive:

Conversation Deployed

Conversation Edit Request - Single

Conversation Edit Request - Multiple

When the request is approved, the end-user will receive the Conversation Unlocked notification. 

When a new manager is assigned during a Conversation Cycle, the manager and direct report involved will get the Conversation Transferred notification.

Other notifications:

Conversation Submit End Email (only applicable if Admin review period is set)

Anytime Conversation Created

Conversation Template Disabled

Conversation Started - Sent at 8am to all users involved in the Conversation cycle


Conversation Midcycle Reminder - Sent 8am the day the admin set for the reminder


Conversation Due - Sent to all users at 8am on last day of cycle


Conversation Overdue - Sent to all users at 8am based on admin notification date


Conversation Shared - Sent when one of the two involved in the Conversation shares their portion


Conversation Deployed - Admin only receives this 8am the day before a Conversation is planned for launch


Conversation Transferred - Sent to parties related to the transfer (end-user and managers) (two separate messages)


Conversation Edit Request - Single (sent only to admins when one request to re-open has been made). Note: This email only gets sent EOD with a compiled list and is sent at 4:45PM which corresponds to the timezone set in the platform configuration.


Conversation Edit Request - Multiple (sent only to admins when multiple requests to re-open have been made). Note: This email only gets sent EOD with a compiled list and is sent at 4:45PM which corresponds to the timezone set in the platform configuration.

Conversation Unlocked - Sent to end-user that requested to edit their Conversation


Conversation Submit End


Anytime Conversation Created


Conversation Template Disabled


Note: Email notifications are sent between 8am and 9am in the time zone selected in the Admin module under Time Zone & Business Calendar.