Google Sheets Integration



The Betterworks integration with Google Sheets can be used to automatically track progress on any activity recorded in Google Sheets. Using Google authentication, a Betterworks user has access to any of their existing Google Sheets and can select a single cell to be automatically updated on any of their key results in Betterworks.

Setting Up the Integration

An administrator with Super Admin permissions will need to enable the Google Sheets integration by going to:

Admin → Platform Configuration → Integrations → Third-party Integrations→ Google Sheets → Enable



Once enabled, a user can access the integration from the objective creation/edit page by clicking on the Google Sheets icon:


The user will need to sign into their individual Google account and allow Betterworks to access sheets data:


NoteThis Betterworks integration is only available in our production environment and is not available in the preview environments.

Selecting Data to Integrate

Select the file that you'd like to use followed by the sheet and cell:


Note: Betterworks will track any value in the selected cell but if the spreadsheet is edited and selected value is moved to a different cell, this key result will need to be updated manually. 

Issues with your Integration

The four types of issues that can affect your integration are:

  1. A "selected value is not a number" means that the cell you've selected in your integration has an alphabetical character in it which is not supported (our progress calculations only take numbers as input). Please check your sheet and make the necessary repairs.
  2. A "selected value no longer available" means that the cell you selected no longer has any value in it - this may be due to a column being deleted in your Google Sheet and the cell you targeted has shifted left. Check your sheet to ensure that the intended value is selected.
  3. A "worksheet was not found" error suggests that the worksheet has been deleted from the Google Drive. Please confirm that the worksheet still exists in Google Sheets.
  4. A "worksheet access denied" error tells you that Betterworks can no longer access the worksheet that you've selected using your account. To confirm, log into Google Sheets with the account selected in Betterworks (during your initial Google Sheets set up) and confirm that you still have access to the sheet in question. Please confirm your access using the corresponding account in Google Sheets.