Configuring the Gmail Extension

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What does it do?

With the Betterworks email extensions you can use either Gmail or Outlook to check in and comment on your OKRs, as well as:

  • Cheer, nudge, or comment on OKRs
  • View a co-worker's OKRs when replying to their emails
  • Give a co-worker anytime feedback when replying to their emails
  • Quickly see anyone's Betterworks profile and the company org chart

Configure the Gmail extension

  1. Add the Betterworks Gmail extension to Chrome
  2. Click "Add to Chrome"
  3. Click "Log In" in the right-hand side of your inbox and enter your Betterworks log in credentials


Using the Gmail extension for your own OKRs

  1. View your OKRs in the panel on the right hand side of your Inbox
  2. Enter your progress
  3. Click Update link to display the key resultsmceclip0.png
  4. Enter your update, you can also add a comment
  5. Click Update button to save your changes



View Your Coworkers' Goals and Provide Feedback

    • Click on any emails from coworkers to see their OKRs
    • You can "Cheer", "Nudge", and "Comment" on their OKRs
    • Give peer feedback to provide them with real-time feedback!


Note: You can automatically install specific Chrome apps and extensions for users in your organization.