Gmail Extension Overview & Setup


With the Betterworks Gmail Extension you can add this to check in and comment on your OKRs directly from your email, as well as:

  • Users can search for any employee and check their OKRs, give and request feedback. 
  • Managers can easily find the direct reports and latest search on the search page. 
  • Easily check the OKRs of employees from whom you have received an email.
  • Update and comment on your own OKRs from the plugin itself. 
  • Comment, Cheer and nudge other's OKRs and tag others in the comment. 
  • Navigate easily to an aligned parent objective with one click. 
  • See when you last received feedback on the plugin homepage. 
  • See when you last gave an employee feedback to a user when you search for the individual user. 

How to Configure the Gmail extension

If you are adding the Betterworks Gmail extension for the first time, follow the steps below to configure:

  1. Add the Betterworks Gmail extension to Chrome

  2. Click "Add to Chrome"

  3. Click "Log In" in the right-hand side of your inbox and enter your Betterworks login credentials 

If you previously had the Betterworks Gmail extension, follow the steps below to configure:

  1. Uninstall the old plugin from the chrome browser if the old plugin exists. 
  2. Click on the ‘Extensions’ icon on the chrome browser and click on 3 dots against the extension to remove the plugin. 
  3. Now add the Betterworks Gmail extension to Chrome
  4. Click "Add to Chrome"
  5. Click "Log In" in the right-hand side of your inbox and enter your Betterworks login credentials.



Using the Gmail extension for your own OKRs

  • View your OKRs in the panel on the right hand side of your Inbox

  • Click View More link to display the list of OKRs


  • Click on the OKR to display the list of key results

  • Enter your update, you can also add a comment

  • Click Update button to save your changes

View Your Coworkers' OKRs 

  • Click on any emails from coworkers to see their OKRs
  • Click View More link to display the list of OKRs (will only show public OKRs)
  • You can Cheer, Nudge, and comment on the user's OKRs 


Search For A Coworker

  • Click on the search icon and find the recent search

  • Select the recent search or direct report to view their OKRs or type the name of the coworker


Request Feedback

  • By clicking Request Feedback you can select which feedback template you would like to use and view the questions that will be sent to the feedback provider

  • Select the providers that you would like to request feedback from

  • Click on Request to submit the request


Give Feedback

  • By clicking Give Feedback you can user your organizations Give Feedback template to provide feedback to your colleague

  • Click on Send to complete the request



If an email is received from someone outside the organization, what data will be shown?

The user's name will appear on the Betterworks plugin but you will not be able to view OKRs, give, or request feedback from the user. 

If in an email multiple people are added, what data will be shown?

Whoever most recently replied to the email will show by default on the plugin. You can navigate to other user's OKRs by using the search icon. 

Note: You can automatically install specific Chrome apps and extensions for users in your organization.