Conversation Participant Selection

When it comes to Conversations in your organization, you might have varying needs across your departments and users - particularly if you are part of a large, highly-matrixed organization. For example:

  • Each branch of a business might have a specific type of conversation based on their values
  • Each manager needs to have a conversation with their director about their team
  • All new hires need to have a career planning conversation with their manager

With the segmentation tool in the Conversations module, you can customize how your organization discusses and develops performance.

After you name and describe your conversation, the next step will be to select the participants for the conversation:


Include All Employees: This will deploy the conversation to all employees in the BetterWorks instance including those who may be added to the platform while the cycle is in progress.

Specific Departments or Groups: Choosing this option will allow the selection of one or more departments or admin-defined groups of users to participate in the conversation.

Departments: If a department is selected which has sub-departments within it (as defined by the "parent department" field in the department configuration) then users in each of those sub-departments will be included in the conversation.

Groups: Admins can generate across the following attributes-

  • Department (Note: Exact Department match only; Department hierarchy not taken into account)
  • Parent Department (Note: Exact Parent Department match only)
  • Provisioned after (date)
  • Provisioned before (date)
  • Provisioned less than (numeric)
  • Provisioned more than (numeric)
  • Top-level leader
  • Second-level leader
  • On leave

When creating groups, Admins will be able to:

  • Include or exclude employees who match the above attributes
  • Add specific employees into the group who do not match the defined attributes
  • Download a list of all employees in a group via CSV

Custom Participant List: Use the attached .csv template to upload a custom list of participants. The .csv file should only include the email addresses of the direct reports that will be having the conversation - no need to include the manager emails as well, betterworks will automatically pick the manager based on existing reporting relationships.


Important: If a participant list type is changed (from All Employees to Departments/Groups or Departments/Groups to Custom List), all users who have received the conversation already will still have access to complete and share. If users need to be removed, please contact for more information.