Aligning Objectives

by The Betterworks Team
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How do I align my objectives?

Objective alignment is based on the contributions of your objectives and key results to other objectives. Alignment can take place both inside and outside of the Org Chart structure. You can increase alignment in a few easy ways:

Align with an existing objective

1. Navigate to the objective list and find objectives that you own.

2. Click on the "..." additional actions button next to the objective and select Quick Edit.

3. In the Edit panel, scroll down and select the Alignment option and then Align this Objective to another.

4. Search and select the objective you wish to contribute to.

5. Click Save.

By aligning objective to objective, you will create nested objectives. For example, if you align your objective to one of your manager's objectives, your objective will be nested under theirs. Although it appears in the same way a key result would, it is functioning as a nested objective. 

Contribute a key result to an existing objective

1. Navigate to the objective list and find the objective you want to contribute to.

2. Click Add a Key Result at the bottom of the objective.

3. Enter a name for the key result.

3. If applicable, change the owner, set a target metric, select an integration, or add a due date.

4. Click the Save button.

Remove the alignment of an objective

To remove any alignments, you can simply navigate to the Quick Edit side panel and select "Clear Alignment".

Note: While you can align your objective to the objective of anyone else in your organization, you cannot clear an alignment unless you've been designated as an "Editor" on their objective. Editors can be added/removed under the Permissions section of an objective. The logic is that once a user commits to contributing to an objective, their individual progress has a direct impact and therefore, should not be removed without those responsible for the main objective being made aware.



Can I align my objective to another person's key result?

No. By definition, only an objective can have key results, so you must first Convert the key result into an objective. If your Team has objectives and they want to have individual objectives contribute to their Team's objective, those must be nested as child objectives of the parent (Team) objective. 

Can I assign a public objective to a private objective?

Yes, and the private objective will inherit the public objective's permissions. The user will be alerted of this permission change before confirming the change. 

Can I align a private objective to a public objective?

No. You cannot align private objectives to public ones. Make the private objective public to align it with a public objective.