Automated & Manual Program Emails

by Morty Frey

Automated & Manual Program Emails

Increase engagement by getting the right messages to your teams at the right times. Our automatic and manual program email configurability allows you to dial in program reminders to help team members stay on track. Configure key dates, auto triggers, and more.

How can I access Program Emails in betterworks?

Log in and click on Admin > Communications > Program Reminders.

Which emails can I schedule or manually send to users?

For the Goals module, the Program Emails section in the Admin area includes automatic goal emails (set up via scheduling) and manual reminder emails that you can push to users. The goals notification email template will be sent to users who have never logged in OR have not started creating goals in betterworks. Below is the manual email trigger within the Admin area.


For the Conversations module, the Program Emails section in the Admin area includes only manual reminder emails that you can push to users. For the Conversations manual notification, it will remind any unshared Conversations participants. Note: All automatic, scheduled reminders are set within a Conversation cycle, including start, mid-cycle, due, and overdue dates.

Who can enable or control these emails?

All Admins have the ability to set up automatic emails for Goals or Conversations, as well as trigger manual notifications for Goals. View this article for more details about Admin and Super Admin permissions.

Can I edit the content of these emails?

Not at this time - you'll have to use a betterworks standard template today.

Can I select specific employees to send these emails?

Logic is built in to this system to make it easier to manage your program - only those who meet criteria (e.g. Goals are overdue or Conversation isn't completed) will receive an email. Specific employee subset emails are not available today.



Reminder: Create Your Goals


Reminder: Finalize your Goal


Reminder: Overdue Goal Creation


Reminder: Overdue Escalation

Reminder: Check In


Reminder: Last Check In


 Goal Reminder - Manual



Conversation Reminder - Manual



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