Automated & Manual Program Emails

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Automated & Manual Program Emails

Increase engagement by getting the right messages to your teams at the right times. Program email configurability allows Admins and Super Admins to send reminders for key dates automatically as well as have the ability to send escalated reminders manually. 

The content of these emails cannot be changed, and they cannot be configured to go out to a specific group of people. 

Getting Started with OKR Program Emails

Click on Admin > Program Management> Notifications > Program emails.


Using the drop down here, you can send ad-hoc manual reminders to the following team members:

1) Employees who haven't created an OKR yet

2) Employees who haven't logged in during this business period

3) Employees who have never logged in

Simply select the message you wish to send and click "View and Send Email." You will be shown a copy of the email, and asked to confirm. 


You also have the option to schedule OKR related emails to help set expectations with people. 


Getting Started with Conversation Program Emails

Conversation Program emails can be sent from two places in the Admin or Super Admin panel. The initial set up for these is in the Admin > Program Management > Conversations > Settings, then you can open whichever template you wish to configure notifications for or you can do this when creating a Conversation template.  See Conversation Program Notifications.


When a Conversation cycle is wrapping up, a Super Admin or Admin can send reminder notifications, here:



Examples of Emails for OKRs and Conversations

 Create Your OKRs

Finalize your OKR


Overdue OKR Creation

Overdue Escalation

Check In on Progress

Last Check In

OKR Reminder - Manual


Conversation Reminder - Manual