Managing Conversation Transfers

by Kyle Clark

In some cases, an employee may be promoted or transferred out of their department in the middle of a conversation cycle. When this happens, current conversations will need to be assumed by their new manager. The article describes how this process is handled in BetterWorks.

There are 3 steps in this process:

  1. Changing the Organization Chart to reflect the new reporting structure*
  2. Communicating the changes and process for reassignment
  3. Completing Conversation reassignment

Changing the Organization Chart*

Important: This must be completed in your HRIS if your organization has the HRIS Connector set up. In this case, you will skip this first step as the Organization Chart change will automatically push to BetterWorks overnight.

This step can only be completed by a user with Super Admin privileges.

Manager assignments will need to be changed in the Admin panel. First, navigate to the Admin panel and select the User management tab. In the left hand navigation pane, select the Individual update tab under the Users section. From this section, you can modify the employee's manager.


Communicating the Change

Here is a pre-written blurb to communicate the change to the new manager:

We have updated the manager within BetterWorks. To officially transfer the [[Conversation name]], please have [[new manager]] go to their Conversation list and click on the employee's conversation. Only then will it be removed from the [[last manger]]'s Conversation list.

Once your manager is aware of the change, they can confirm the process as described below.

Confirming Reassignment

The new manager will first need to access the Conversations List.


From there, the manager will click on the conversation with the transferred employee, and click "Yes" in the dialog that follows. Conversation reassignment is now complete.


Please reach out to with specific questions about this process.


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