Skip Level Conversations

What does it do?

This feature allows managers to view the conversations of those managers who report to them. This can help give leaders in an organization a better idea of what types of conversations are happening on the teams they manage, where they can better support the managers who report to them, and how they can best steer their organizations toward better performance. 

How does it work? 

Skip level visibility can be enabled by a BetterWorks Admin on a per-template basis to ensure that those conversations that need to remain private between a manager and their direct report can remain so.

A user who has direct reports who manage other members of the team will automatically have a Skip level conversations tab in their Conversations view which will allow them to view the conversations of those managers in their reporting hierarchy. This tab has a search field in the top-left corner which allows a user to select the manager for whom they wish to view conversations:


I went to the Skip level manager access point (Conversations tab) and I only see the My conversations tab. Why is that?

The Skip level conversations tab only appears for managers who have direct reports who are also managers (everyone else sees no tabs here).

I clicked on the search field on Skip level conversations tab and I only see a list of managers one level below me. Why is that?

Clicking on the search field opens a drop-down of recommendations prioritized by 1st level of depth and this is normal.

I did a search using the search field on the Skip level conversations tab and I’m only seeing managers below me down the same reporting structure. Why is that?

Search results are limited to managers below the user in the reporting structure, according to the depth set by the Admin. One level: just direct reports, two levels: direct reports + any of their directs that are also managers, everyone: any additional managers down the same reporting structure. If the user is a VP of HR, HR directors and HR managers would appear, but engineering directors and managers would not.

Can I print Skip level conversations?

Yes. While on the Skip level conversations tab, you can print conversations reports for the individual that you have selected.