How to Use Admin System Notifications

by Fred Pukay

Admin system notifications give Admins the ability to manage the notification settings for betterworks users.  During setup you can opt to "mute" all emails being sent across the entire organization by clicking the "Turn Off" button.

During active management you have the ability to make changes to notification settings for each email type for the entire company.

To setup System Notifications:

  1. Go to the Admin Tab.Screen_Shot_2018-03-21_at_7.32.37_PM.png
  2. Select Program management and then System notifications.Screen_Shot_2018-03-21_at_7.35.12_PM.png
  3. From here you can turn on/off all notifications for your organization and you can update the default configurations for notifications. Below is a list of all the notifications that can be managed through this view:

    1. Objective Calendar Events
      Receive calendar events for Objectives based on their due date
      • Calendar Invites
      • Objectives that are overdue

    2. Social Notifications
      Updates when someone Cheers, Nudges, and Comments on an objective
      • Cheers
      • Nudges
    3. Comment Notifications
      Updates when someone comments or @mentions in an objective
      • Comments
      • @mentions

    4. Activity on Objectives and Teams
      Updates on modifications to objectives, key results, and metrics
      • A manager modifies a direct's objective
      • A user edits an objective
      • A user deletes a contributing objective
      • Manager digest
      • Salesforce related emails
      • Managers receive emails when their direct is deactivated
      • Add or removing users as a contributor

    5. Contributor Activity on Objectives
      Activity on contributing objectives, key results, and metrics
      • Adding a contributor to an objective
      • A contributor completes a contributing objective, key result, or metric
      • Deleting an objective that contributes to another

    6. Activity on Followed Objectives
      Updates when someone completes or updates a followed objective
      • Completes an objective
      • Updates an objective

    7. Activity on Objectives owned by Teams
      Team members will receive when updates are made to objectives owned by teams
      • @mentions
      • Comments
      • Cheers
      • Nudges
      • Updates
      • Objective completions

    8. Weekly Digests
      Receive Weekly Planning Digests
  4. To set the default, click the Company Setting to be either On or Off. You can then decide to Lock that setting, meaning individuals will not be able to change the setting from "My Settings". 
  5. Click Save to save the default settings
  6. Once you click Save, you may notice that the notifications that were not locked will move to "Custom". What this means is that individuals can go into "My Settings" to make changes to their notification preferences


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