Giving & Viewing Recognition

There are three ways to give Recognition.

1) Comment on a goal with a #hashtag (your company may have suggested hashtags, but you can also create your own). Be aware, one cannot Recognize themselves, and hashtags added to ones own Goals are not reportable, they will only function as content. 


2) Click on the Recognition tab at the top and give feedback directly there. If you don't see this in your top bar, reach out to your program lead.


3) You can also use the Slack integration to give Recognition to your colleagues by entering /recognize @user <insert message> into any public Slack channel. The recognition you submit in Slack will get posted to the Betterworks Recognition wall. 

  • You must start the recognition with @slackuser
  • In order for a user to submit a recognition in slack, they must have the Betterworks slack bot
  • The person you want to give recognition to must also have the Betterworks slack setup or you will see an error
  • The channel where you post your type /recognize is where the recognition will get posted in slack 

Recognition can be viewed in several places in the platform.

  • On the individual's profile page:

  • Click any of the hashtags to see all tags and the details.To see a summary of every time the hashtag was used, click the hashtag in the comment field. You can then scroll through a feed of the hashtag details. 
  • On the Goal comment history


  • On the Recognition Wall