Editing Goals/Objectives

How can I make changes to my Objectives?

Setting and accomplishing goals regularly is what helps users win at work. It keeps team members engaged, gives managers visibility into their reports’ work, and keeps the company aligned in pursuit of set objectives.

Goal setting is the foundation of effective work, so creating and also editing goals has to be simple and fast. We have streamlined the goal editing process to be as easy as possible, so users can quickly edit and update information within their goals using as little time as possible.

1. Find the goal that you would like to edit.

2.  Navigating to the "..."  next to that goal.  There is a pulldown and you can then choose "Quick Edit".  



3.  An edit section will come up on the right side of your screen and from there you can quickly edit what is needed. 


4.  The last step is to save your changes on the top right side of the edit screen when finished.​