Admin and Skip Level Manager Permissions for Conversations

These Permissions allow for Super Admins, HR Admins, and/or Skip Level Managers to access the conversations created from the template. Once enabled, Admins will use the Review Conversation page in the Admin panel, and Skip Level Managers are able to view on the Skip Level Conversations page in the Conversations module. The default settings are below:


Definition of Permissions

  • No access: Conversations are not accessible.
  • Can View: Conversation responses for the Direct Report and Manager will be visible once shared. If the "Review Period" option is being used for the manager's questions, answers in the submitted stage will not be visible until the review period is over and the manager clicks share.
  • Can Edit: The manager's responses can be seen and edited even if it is just saved or submitted. Direct report responses will only be visible once shared.
  • Can Edit: This applies to manager responses only. Super Admins cannot edit a direct report's responses. 
  • Can Edit: This does not apply to confidential questions.

Navigation to View/Edit these Conversations

  • Super Admin: Go to Admin > Program Management > Conversations: Settings > Review Conversations
  • HR Admin: Go to Admin > Conversations: Settings > Review Conversations
  • Skip Level Managers: Go to Conversations > Skip Level Conversations

Submission Phase

Please note that that "View" permissions do not apply to submitted answers. "Edit" permission must be enabled to view/edit submitted answers. This is especially impactful for year-end conversations with a rating.