New Hire Best Practices

by Kaycee Spalding

It's important to get your new hires added to betterworks and up to speed with your program! Betterworks can also help you onboard your new employees. This article provides best practices for both.

Provision account & send new hire email introducing program

If you don't have an HRIS integration, be sure to provision your new hire's account (upload via CSV). 
Betterworks will not send an email to new accounts, you control the messaging! Be sure to incorporate your betterworks program in onboarding materials. Please see an email template you may consider leveraging below.
Hi [Name],

Welcome to the team, we’re really excited to have you on board. We have partnered with betterworks to help manage our quarterly OKRs process and facilitate manager/ employee conversations around OKRs. Watch this video [insert link to video] to learn more about this program!

Logging In

You can begin using betterworks by navigating to


Watch this training [insert recording link] and refer to this FAQ guide [insert FAQ link or attach].

Next Steps

[Customize per program] You’ll be expected to enter objectives with 3 -5 corresponding key results each in the next [insert time frame here]. Work with your manager to develop these OKRs and input them into BetterWorks! Remember to keep them up-to-date by checking in and updating progress at least once per month. Look out for communications on upcoming conversations with your manager to help you grow!

Feel free to reach out to or use the in-app “Help” button if you have any questions!
[Program Lead]

Onboarding new employees through BetterWorks with these 3 easy steps!

  1. Automatic betterworks Goal/Objective Created for New Users 
  2. Create Company wide Goals/Objectives that new hires must complete. Clone and reassign for all new hires!
  3. Create Team specific Goals/Objectives. Clone and reassign them to all new team members.


1) Automatic BetterWorks Onboarding Goal/Objective 

When a new individual is provisioned with an account and logs into betterworks, this goal/objective will automatically be populated under their name. These steps allow an individual to become familiar with betterworks and practice navigating through the system. 
2) Goals/Objectives for All New Hires: 
Create a goal/objective that is relevant to all new hires. Though these goals/objectives cannot be created automatically, you can easily clone them and reassign to new hires. Instruct employees how to clone and reassign the goals/objectives to themselves during orientation.

3) Goals/Objectives Specific to Teams: 
Have department leads confirm steps needed to become a fully functioning team member. Use the cloning feature from previous new hires and set due dates for specific milestones/key results. Have the manager meet with the new hire to review goals and add additional milestones/key results if needed. 


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