Creating Key Results (Milestones)

by Sydney Phelon
  1. Creating Milestones
  2. Assigning Milestones to Other People
  3. Cloning Goals and Milestones
  4. Owning Milestones On Other People's Objectives
  5. Commenting On Milestones


Creating Milestones

To create milestones/key results, simply navigate to the section of the goal/objective page that reads "Add a milestone" or "Add a key result." Click the + sign and enter the name of the milestone/key result and adjust your target metric as needed. Click Save.

Users can also create milestones for other people if they need collaboration to complete a goal. Clicking the user portrait or the initials icon next to the milestone during or after creation opens the option to assign the Milestone to someone else.



Assigning Milestones to Other People

Some goals are too big to achieve alone. You may need to delegate an action, track someone else’s contribution, or just share the load a little bit. If you need to, you can assign milestones on your goals to other people. Assigning milestones to others can help clearly identify areas of responsibility, or highlight horizontal dependencies that might impact your overall progress on the goal.

This is a great way to track your team’s work when your team contributes to your goals, but don’t have goals of their own to align to yours. For example, a regional sales lead may have a goal to close a certain number of deals this quarter. They divide the goal into different milestones, and assign each milestone to a different member of the sales team.

You can also assign milestones to other people to track horizontal dependencies. For example, a marketing manager needs a go-to-market plan for their company’s new product. A member of the product team provides the first draft of the plan, so the marketing manager creates a milestone for that action and assigns it to the product team member.

Assign a milestone to someone else during the goal creation process, or from the goal edit page.

  1. Find the milestone you wish to reassign and click the portrait pane or initial symbol next to the milestone. A menu will appear:
  2. Type or scroll and click to select the person to whom you want to assign the milestone.
  3. The milestone updates to reflect the new owner.

The new owner receives an email letting them know they’re responsible for a new milestone. Your goal will also appear in their goal list, so they can keep track of their milestone and its overall progress.


Cloning Goals and Milestones

Do you have goals that are similar to some of your teammates? Do you have similar goals every quarter? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you may not want to create new goals milestones for every new goal. Save some time by cloning a goal or milestone!

Cloning a milestone

  1. Go to the goal list page and click the "..." additional actions menu next to a milestone.
  2. Click Clone.
  3. The new milestone appears below the original one.

Cloning a goal

  1. Go to the goal list page and click the "..." additional actions menu next to a goal.
  2. Click Clone.
  3. You should see the entire goal and milestone hierarchy - use this panel to edit details, re-assign, add metrics, and more.
  4. Submit and save your goal. 

Owning Milestones On Other People's Objectives

Completing your own goals and milestones isn’t the only way to make progress in BetterWorks. You can also own milestones within other people’s goals.

Milestones can be key steps or measures of success that add up to completing a goal. By default, you own all of the milestones on your goals, but if you need to, you can assign milestones to someone else. Similarly, anyone can assign a milestone on their own goal to you. 

Calculating overall progress with milestones

Your individual progress is a composite calculation based on all your goals and other contributions. When BetterWorks calculates individual progress, your work across all goals is averaged to generate your individual progress bar. Whether you’re the owner of a goal or simply contributing a milestone to someone else’s, your work is averaged to calculate overall progress.

The more work you do to complete goals and milestones, the more your progress bar grows.

But working on your own goals isn’t the only way to make progress. When you own a milestone on someone else’s goal, it also counts toward your overall progress for the period.

To get 100% for the period, complete all your own goals and any milestones you own on other people’s goals… but remember, goals should be aspirational. If you set ambitious goals, you may not achieve all of them completely, and that’s okay.


Commenting On Milestones

Comment threads are the bread and butter of social interactions on goals. Comments on a goal’s timeline are great to discuss the goal as a whole, but comments on milestones are even better if you need specific, granular discussion about goal progress.

Regardless of whether a comment is on a goal or a milestone, they all appear in the Timeline, so it’s easy to track the conversations in one place.

Leave a comment on any milestone, even milestones you own.

  1. Navigate to the goal list page.
  2. Scroll to the milestone you would like to leave a comment on.
  3. Under the progress column (in relation to the milestone you want to comment on), hover your mouse over that to see the option to comment.
  4. Click the Comment button. The comment window opens. 
  5. Type a comment and click Comment
  6. The comment appears in the timeline of the milestone.





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