Creating Key Results (Milestones)


Creating Milestones

To create Milestones/Key Results, simply navigate to the section of the goal/objective page that reads "Add a milestone" or "Add a key result." Click the + sign and enter the name of the Milestone/Key Result and adjust your target metric as needed. Click Save.

Users can also create Milestones for other people if they need collaboration to complete a Goal. Clicking the user portrait or the initials icon next to the Milestone during or after creation opens the option to assign the Milestone to someone else.


Assigning Milestones to Other People

By default, you own all of the Milestones on your Goals, but if you need to, you can assign Milestones to someone else. Similarly, anyone can assign a milestone on their own Goal to you. Some Goals are too big to achieve alone. You may need to delegate an action, track someone else’s contribution, or just share the load a little bit. Assigning Milestones to others can help clearly identify areas of responsibility, or highlight horizontal dependencies that might impact your overall progress on the Goal.

Assign a milestone to someone else during the Goal creation process, or from the Goal edit page.

  1. Find the milestone you wish to reassign and click the portrait pane or initial symbol next to the Milestone. A menu will appear:
  2. Type or scroll and click to select the person to whom you want to assign the Milestone.
  3. The Milestone updates to reflect the new owner.

The new owner receives an email letting them know they’re responsible for a new Milestone. Your Goal will also appear in their Goal list, so they can keep track of their Milestone and its overall progress.

Commenting On Milestones

Comment threads are the bread and butter of social interactions on goals. Here, you can provide a granular discussion about Goal progress.

Regardless of whether a comment is on a Goal or a Milestone, they all appear on the left hand side Quick Edit panel. 


Leave a comment on any Milestone, even Milestones you own.


A comment will remain deletable or editable for 24 hours, after which, a Super Admin will need to assist.