Betterworks 18.10 | User Interface Improvements

by Jason Milliken


In Preview 10/30 Live 11/17

Here is a list of some new product updates you may find interesting. 

  • Feedback autosave- feedback responses will be automatically saved
    • Note: This feature may cause reporting errors, if betterworks is open in multiple tabs while feedback is being input.  
  • Improved tool tip for save/share in conversations so that users who may not know or remember the difference can more easily understand what each option means


  • Updated information in the "Create Goals" program reminder email so that users more clearly understand their next steps
  • Updated Betterworks logo in application and in notification e-mails to reflect our updated branding!
  • Additional reporting information:

    • Usage Reports - Adding date last updated to All Goals report

    • Group Reporting - Adding manager column to members list CSV download


  • Goal/Milestone inline edit


  • Layout updated on the goal create/edit panels to improve consistency and accessibility for users


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