CSV Upload & HRIS Integration Errors

CSV Upload Errors

When manually updating users (Admin → User Management → Departments and Users → Users → CSV upload), these are errors that may display in the preview pane:


For more information on CSV uploads, see this article.

HRIS Integration Errors

When a file sent to Betterworks through our HRIS integration contains an entry or entries that didn't process, it triggers an automated email. That email goes to the Technical Contact listed for the organization. The Technical Contact is designated during the HRIS integration setup process.

These are errors that may arise and their respective solutions:

Error: "Entry #1 - [name] did not process, due to the following errors: You are attempting to create [number] additional users, however you have [number] available user licenses. No users have been created. Please either reduce the size of your import, deactivate existing users, or add additional licenses."

Cause: You have run out of user licenses.

Solution: Remove some users from the file, deactivate some users in Betterworks or request additional user licenses from either your Customer Success Manager.

Error: "User cannot be his/her own manager."

Cause: The employee_id (or email) listed in a row matches the manager_id (or manager_email) in the same row.

Solution: Update the fields so that they do not match. If a user is the CEO, president, etc. you can leave the manager_id (or manager_email) field blank.

Error: "Email address is required."

Cause: The row indicated is missing a valid email address.

Solution: Add a valid email address for the row indicated.

Error: "Could not find manager email: [email address]."

Cause #1: The manager listed for the user does not have a Betterworks account.  

Cause #2: The manager listed for the user has a Betterworks account, but it is associated with a different email address.

Solution #1: Add a separate entry for manager in the file.

Solution #2: Replace the email address in your file with the one that is in Betterworks.

Error: "Multiple active users cannot share an email address."

Cause: The same email address is listed for 2 or more users in your file.

Solution: Check the email field in the file for the row indicated and correct the duplication.

Error: "Email already take by employee  ID: [number]."

Cause: The user in your file has a different employee_id than the same user in the Betterworks application. This is often the result of a spreadsheet application (i.e. Excel, Google Sheets, etc.) dropping leading zeros. For example, if Jane Doe is listed in Betterworks with an employee_id of "000123" and an email address of jane.doe@acmecorp.com, then a file comes in where Jane Doe has an employee of "123" and the same email of jane.doe@acmecorp.com, our application will interpret this as a completely different user. Since 2 users cannot have the same email address, it will result in an error.

Solution: In your file, set the format of the employee_ID field to "Number", then select "Custom" from the available options. Lastly, using zeros, enter a representation of your organization's employee IDs. For example, if users in your organization have 6-digit employee IDs, you'll need to enter "000000".  

Error: "[domain name] is an invalid domain."

Cause #1: The domain at the end of the user's email address belongs to a public email service (gmail.com, yahoo.com, etc.) and therefore cannot be used.

Cause #2: The domain at the end of the user's email address is not associated with your organization in Betterworks. 

Solution #1: Update the user's email address. 

Solution #2: Contact your Customer Success Manager or the Support Team — support@betterworks.com — and request to add a domain to your organization's Betterworks instance.

Error: "Row is missing an employee ID."

Cause #1: The user has an employee_id in Betterworks, but it isn't listed in the file.

Cause #2: The employee_id column is not being read due to encoding.

Solution #1: Check the email address in the row indicated. Add the employee ID that corresponds to that user.

Solution #2: Ensure that your file is in CSV format and encoded in UFT-8. Google Sheets will encode in UFT-8 by default, but if you're using Excel you'll likely need to select "CSV UFT-8 (Comma delimited) (.csv)" from the Save As menu.

Error: "First name cannot be empty."

Cause: For the row mentioned, a first name was not entered in the field that corresponds to the first_name column header.

Solution: Add a first name in the row listed.

Error: "Last name cannot be empty."

Cause: For the row mentioned, a last name was not entered in the field that corresponds to the last_name column header.

Solution: Add a last name in the row listed.

Error: "Multiple rows with employee ID: [number]."

Cause: 2 or more rows in the file contain the employee ID listed.

Solution: Correct the duplication in the file. 

Note: Erroneous entries in rows will be removed and the rows will still be processed. This means that just the field with the issue will not be processed, the rest of that row will still process. However, not adding a value in a required field (i.e. "email"), will cause the entire row not to process.