by Sydney Phelon

What does it do?

The new language feature allows Betterworks customers with employees in different countries to localize the language. Currently, there are 8 options available in the system:    

  • English
  • English - UK
  • German
  • Portuguese - Brazilian
  • Spanish
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Polish
  • French

How do I set it up?

Easily - you can set it up by clicking on Admin > Platform Configuration > Language, selecting the language, and clicking on save.


What doesn’t it do?

You will notice that certain fields are still not translated:

  • Any goals, conversations, peer feedback, or recognition templates or responses input in English
  • Admin Panel:
    • Admin → User Management
    • Admin → Platform Management (with the exception of the Branding page)
    • Parts of:
      • Admin → Program Management → Usage Dashboard
      • Admin → Program Management → Reports
      • Admin → Program Management → Program E-mails
      • Admin → Program Management → Conversations → Settings



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