Program Insights: Conversations

What does it do?

Program Insights offers the ability to view analytics by modules. In Conversations module, the data is broken down by the Conversation Type, Scheduled and Anytime Conversations, Number of Participants, and the completion of Conversations in percentages. 



How does it work?

When viewing the Conversations Dashboard, you can filter your results by population. Click "Filters" to display the following options:

  • Group Selector
  • Group Name
  • Search by Conversation Template or Cycle? 
  • Template Name
  • Cycle Range



What does each filter do?

Group Selector - Using this pick-list menu allows you to select a preferred dimension (grouped) to display data.

The options are:

  • Department (Default)
  • Team
  • Group (Admin Generated Groups)

Note: All three options will appear to be available whether or not your org actively uses them.

After finishing your selection, click on the “Run” button at the top-right corner of the frame to update your dashboard.



Group Name - This is a multi-select menu that allows you to specify which Departments, Teams, or Groups will be included in your charts.

Tip: By default, this menu will be blank. When you enter your cursor into the field, a drop-down menu will appear pre-populated with a list of suggested search terms. You can select one of the suggestions, or start typing to see a refined list. You can select up to 15 options to compare.

Tip: To reset your search, individually remove the search terms by clicking the "x."

After finishing your selection, click on the “Run” button at the top-right corner of the frame to update your dashboard.


 Template Name or Cycle?

Use this filter to select a specific template, and use the cycle range to specify a certain date range for the cycle on which you want to report. 


Remember to click "Run" to update the dashboard. 

Drill Paths

Most chart elements, as well as metric displays, allow you to drill into a result set. These drill-downs allow you to view the actual data that comprise the aggregate metric that you drilled into from the dashboard level.



The Conversations Dashboard breaks down as such: 

Conversations by Type - Shows the number of current Scheduled Conversations vs current Anytime Conversations.

Current Scheduled Conversations - It is a conversation that is connected to an active conversation cycle.

Current Anytime Conversations - It is an anytime conversation that was created in the past 90 days.

Note: Scheduled Conversations and Anytime Conversations display the data that are summarized in the Conversations by Type chart.

Who is Participating in Conversations? It shows the number of users participating in either Scheduled (orange) or Anytime (blue). By default, this chart will show the departments with the most active conversations, sorted in descending order.

Are People Completing Their Conversations? It shows the state of individual conversation sides (ie, each “Conversation” has 2 sides), grouped by Department. By default, the cart will show the departments with the most active conversations, sorted in descending order.

Note: There are 3 primary states that a conversation side may be in: Shared, Responding, or Not Started.

Conversation Template and Cycle Summary - A table showing the following information columns:

  • Template Name
  • Conversation Type
  • Cycle Start Date
  • Cycle End Date
  • # of Participants
  • Count Questionnaire Not Started
  • Count Questionnaire Responding
  • Count Questionnaire Shared

Tip: You can export the results of your drill by clicking on the “Download Results” button at the top right corner of the drill results modal. Next, you may select a file format that best suits your needs.