Program Insights: Feedback

What does it do?

The Feedback feature within the new Program Insights module adds reporting power to your Organization's feedback experience. Here's what it looks like: 


How does it work?

You can filter your results by population, as shown here: 


You can also filter by Group, Template, and period of time. The Feedback Dashboard breaks down as such : 

  • Feedback Summary- This shows the number of current Scheduled Feedbacks given and current Anytime Feedbacks given. Current Scheduled Feedback is feedback that is connected to an active conversation cycle. Current Anytime Feedback is Anytime Feedback that was created in the past 90 days.

  • Anytime Response Rate- This indicates the % of anytime feedback requests made in the last 90 days that have received responses.

  • Scheduled Response Rate- This points to the % of feedback requests (that are part of an active feedback cycle) and have received responses.

  • How Many Users are Giving and Receiving Feedback?- This view will detail the number of individuals, grouped by Department, who have either given Feedback (yellow-green), received Feedback (green), or neither given nor received Feedback (grey).

  • Are People Completing Feedback Requests Over Time?- With this view you can see the number of feedback requests that have received responses, grouped by the month of the request.