Introduction to the betterworks API

What does this do and what's an API?

An API is a way for a software application to retrieve and input data into another software application. In short, an API allows two pieces of software to “talk” to each other and an API is analogous to a waiter in a restaurant.

The waiter analogy is explained in this here.

The betterworks REST API allows applications to programmatically access and update data within betterworks.  As a part of the API program, BetterWorks is exposing a variety endpoints for software to retrieve and input data.  Some of the endpoints exposed are:

  • Goal Filter - Return a list of goals matching filter criteria

  • Goal Detail - Provide details about a specific goal (name, description, end, start, updated, visibility, created, last checkin, children, parent, categories, etc.)

  • Goal Comments - All comments on a specific goal

  • Goal Assessment - Return all assessments and scores associated with a specific goal or milestone id

  • User Profile - Details about a specific user

  • Goal Search - Returns all goal matching the search criteria. Matches on goal name.

  • Check In - Conduct a Check In on a goal. Update the current or the target value of a milestone.

Can Goals Be Updated From Any Platform?

Yes.  You will need to have a software developer develop software (e.g. an integration) to update goals in our platform.  

How Do I Gain Access To The betterworks API?

Check out our Using the betterworks API article. The article has links to further documentation and describes API key access.